A little help from my friends

If I have seen further it is by standing on the  shoulders of Giants

– Isaac Newton

I was reminded of this famous quote by Newton, following the brouhaha about President Obama’s comments, that have become a minor controversy.  So now Newton is retroactively a communist according to GOP logic.  Since acknowledging that other people had a hand in your achievements  is now socialist and Marxist.

Unless you were raised by wolves and were a feral child like  Kipling’s Mowgli from the Jungle Book you had to depend on other human beings to get where you are today, no matter what it is you do.  Of course Mowgli had to depend on other animals too.

I don’t think this controversy matters much in the long run, it is just another distraction to change the topic from Mitt Romney’s Bain woes and tax returns. Liberal media indeed.

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