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The VP debate

The one and only VP debate for this election cycle is this evening.  According to the convention beltway wisdom, Paul Ryan is a wonk,  and Joe Biden is an avuncular bumbling gaffe machine.  So which MSM punditubbie will write a slobbery and drooly piece about their blue eyed boy’s wonkish seriousness tomorrow?  Will it be the serious conservative Andrew Sullivan or Bobo Brooks of Applebee’s salad bar.


The First Presidential Debate

The final countdown begins with little over a month left for the elections .   This late in the game I wonder how many votes are still really up for grabs? Unlike the punditubbies bloviating on TV and filling up column inches in the newspapers, I don’t claim to have a unique insight into the inner workings of the brains of the so called undecided voter.  This is what I saw yesterday.

Romney look tired and his fake smiling was creepy as always. He looked old, the campaign seems to have aged him. Obama looked cool and in command. Obama has much more grey in his hair than just four years ago.  This debate’s topic was the economy,  a subject that Obama has always had difficulty in explaining in simple terms, unlike Bill Clinton.   On the other hand it is difficult to argue with some one who lies non stop, which is exactly what Mitt Romney was doing yesterday.  I wish Obama had called him out on his lies, but there are two more debates to go.

I made it a point to switch off the TV after the debate and not listen to the post debate analysis,  I had a feeling that the media would fluff Romney’s performance, so that they can at least get a semblance of the horse race they so desire.   Lo and behold the newspapers this morning are full of it.

In short, Obama didn’t land a knock out punch and Romney lives to lie another day.