Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

Hermione Kitteh

LoL by: verty

 The Harry Potter  craze of the late nineties and early to mid- aughts  some how completely passed me by. I had no desire to either read the books or see the movies.  Of course  I had heard the references to Hogwarts and Dumbledore. So I did have a vague idea of what the series was about. So yesterday when I saw the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the very first movie in the entire saga, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and how much fun I had watching it.  I had  picked up the first two movies of the Harry Potter saga  for my friends children, ages 6 and 4, who were visiting. Something that would keep them occupied and out of trouble.

If you strip away all the magic and fantasy elements from the movies, Harry and his friends remind me of the stories set in English boarding schools by Enid Blyton. Harry and his friends were like her characters, in the Famous Five or the Naughtiest Girl series, solving mysteries and having fun. I had greatly enjoyed those when I was a child the about the same age as Harry and his friends in the Sorcerer’s Stone. Besides my school though not residential like Hogwarts had houses.  A shorthand for groups all the students were divided into. We wore  ties that signified the color of the house, and like the movie, there were four house. The school had  a board outside the principal’s office, with four flags, signifying which house was at the top. There was always a friendly but a rather intense competition to make sure that your house was ahead.

Harry may be the one, but my favorite was Hermione, the earnest  know-it-all.  The quest to find the sorcerer’s stone the three friends embark is a lot of fun. Especially enjoyed the cool chess match.  Also, the characters of the staff and the faculty at Hogwarts are well constructed and a joy to watch. Some of the other characters, however were too stereotypical, I could almost see Malfoy twirling his invisible mustache and Harry’s evil cousin and uncle and aunt were too predictable.  The climax, which is the first  confrontation between Harry and Voldemort  was dramatic, well constructed and held my interest. Now I want to know more about his back story.

So I guess this means that I am most certainly going to watch the next installment, since I am now curious about Harry’s background and want to know all about the genesis of his scar and Voldemort.

Grade: A –

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