Time is Relative

I have rediscovered Queen, over the last year.  I have been going through all their albums,  and even saw a couple of their concerts on DVD.  Besides their lead singer Freddie Mercury, the other Queen band member that I am fascinated by is Brian May. His hair reminds me of Newton’s wig.  He can write soulful numbers like Who wants to live forever and naughty ones like Fat bottomed girls. I don’t know, whether it is because Brian May has a back ground in Astronomy but he does seem to toy with the notion of time in his songs. The fluidity of time, one moment seeming like eternity and time passing at different rates . He plays with the concept of time in ‘39, and again in Who Wants to Live Forever.

‘39 may  be the only popular song about the twin paradox.  In spite of having a background in physics I missed what it was all about until I heard May describe it, in one of the extras of a Live Concert DVD of a Queen performance. Here is the gist. I wonder how many people actually got it.   Poor guy, who hasn’t aged at all because he was on a voyage traveling at a relativistic speed due time dilation while his sweet heart back on earth is dead. Since time passes much more slowly for our space traveler. Scientifically accurate, has space travel  and is romantic, have to say that I love it.

Who wants to Live Forever plays with the same concept but without the  space travel.  A moment can last forever. And eternal life is a curse, if you are destined to be alone. Since everyone, including the love of your life is dead and you are still alive. A predicament similar to the space traveler in ‘39.

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