The Times, they are a-changing, Software and Information Technology, 2003-2013

By 2003,  the dot com boom had turned to a bust.  Although, Y2K had come and gone without any major catastrophe, there was a general wariness in the air.  Apple had launched its first I-Pod and was on the way to making a comeback, while Microsoft with its operating system and the Office Suite software was dominant in the software arena.  Dell was selling PCs by the boat load and  My Space had just been launched.  Google had not gone public  yet and Nokia was the coveted cellphone brand.

Fast forward to 2013,  Apple is a huge success story and everyone either has an I-phone or wants one. Microsoft is still huge but  clearly not as dominant as it once was.  Google has gone from an upstart to a behemoth industry leader.  I have not seen anyone with a Nokia phone in many years.  Dell has gone private while Facebook has left MySpace in dust.

I am going to do a series of a blog posts on these changes over the past decade, starting with Microsoft.  I will also look at Google and Apple,   and the rise of social media and cellphones that can do everything, but walk your dog.  I will also look at evolution of the internet and the worldwide web, the open source movement and peer to peer networking. I may include other topics, that I discover along the way and have left out of the list right now.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. I am glad you are doing this; these changes come so fast they make my head spin. I would love to read something that can make sense out of them. Looking forward to your series.

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