You don’t need no Education

Friedman and his smug mug are back, this time with supercilious advice about landing a job in today’s tough job market.  Ever the centrist, MoU blames both sides for the current situation.  Not Democrats and Republicans but job seekers and employers.  Apparently both are to blame because they want purple unicorns.  If he is likening finding a perfect job or hiring the perfect candidate to be a near impossibility, wouldn’t saying that both want a unicorn be enough?  Why purple, are they royal and therefore more difficult to find than non-purple unicorns? Redundant MoU is redundant.

Oh no, not again


LoL by: two_kittehs

Rest of the column is devoted to a company that helps narrow the search for the purple unicorns.

Long story short, it does not matter where you get your degree from, but it does matter who your college room-mate was. It even gets you free advertising in one of the most reputed newspapers in the country.  In this column, Sharef, (daughter’s room-mate) plays the role that  taxi-drivers usually play in Friedman columns set in more exotic locales.

In the last couple of columns, including this one Friedman seems to be downplaying the importance of a college degree and hyping Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs .  I wonder if he gave the same advice to his daughters that he is giving the unwashed masses.  Or is it prestigious colleges for me and mine but MOOCs for the peasants.  While I have nothing against MOOCs as a supplementary tool to enhance your education it is a bit of a reach to say that they can replace a traditional degree.

According to the  Sharef, (daughter’s room-mate) one of the main reasons people get rejected for jobs is that they don’t show the employer how they will help them add value.  Earlier in the column Sharef, laments about the writing skills of job seekers.

What surprises me most about people’s skills is how poor their writing and grammar are, even for college graduates. If we can’t get the basics right, there is a real problem.

So pray tell what value does Friedman add to the op-ed page of the New York Times, with his bi weekly torture of the English language and leaps of logic, is it comic relief?

ETA:  By doing a quick Google Search I found that, Eleanora Sharef went to Yale, so MoU’s daughter is a Yale graduate. So it is Yale for me and mine and MOOCs for thee.

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  1. J. Michael Neal

    Whatever else is wrong with me, I’m a good writer. Damned good, in fact. So that’s certainly not an exclusive reason people aren’t getting hired. It’s not just that we’re lacking skills, either. One of the ways I demonstrated that I’m a damned good writer is in getting a master’s degree in accounting, to go along with passing all of the CPA exams. And yet I’ve been unemployed for seven years. But, hey, at least I just secured a five week gig for my first paycheck in a long time.

    I’ll be teaching accounting. In China.

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