High Brow Word Salad for Lunch

David Brooks has expended his column inches in today’s New York Times serving some high brow word salad.  Tossed together are the regular ingredients that one usually finds in a Brooks column.  It begins with quoting some expert, who is little known outside his field of expertise, with Brooks mangling his ideas in dense prose to promote the Brooksian agenda, which is usually whatever the Republican Party is pushing at that moment. Today’s theme so far as I can figure out, is distrust of science.   Paraphrasing Brooks, religion good, science not so good.  I wonder whether all religions are created equal in the Brooksian world. 

I feel asleep by the time I reached this paragraph,


Individuals don’t live embedded in tight social orders; they live in buffered worlds of private choices. Common action, Taylor writes, gives way to mutual display. Many people suffer from a malaise. They remember that many people used to feel connected to an enchanted, transcendent order, but they feel trapped in a flat landscape, with diminished dignity: Is this all there is?


Does Google translate from word salad to English?


LoL by: two_kittehs


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