No Newspaper for Math Whizzes

New York Times: EPIC FAIL


Comic by: two_kittehs/Photo Credits New York Times

The other day I was lamenting about the lack of basic arithmetic skills among the reporters and pundits writing for the nation’s finest newspapers and other media outlets. Nate Silver and Paul Krugman at the New York Times were the two prominent exceptions to this sad state of affairs.  However their superior mathematical and analytical abilities have not made them many friends among their fellow media denizens. Vilifying Nate Silver was a favorite past time among many innumerate pundits last election season. Silver’s model predicted  an Obama win throughout the election season. A  fact disputed by the horse race loving Beltway media. Now we hear that he was none too popular at the offices of the Grey Lady herself.

So it should come as no surprise that Nate Silver has decided to pack up his 538 blog and go back to analyzing baseball.  He will still analyze politics during election season for ABC. Will be fun to see George BowTie Will’s head explode on live television. As for New York Times letting Silver go, and keeping on the likes of  Tom Friedman and David Brooks to continue their tortured fact-free blathering is why you are losing your readership. Paul Krugman, I hope you are not the next.

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