United States Citizen* Rajan will make India’s Monetary Policy

The Rupee has been in a sharp decline and has fallen by 15% since May of this year.  In this environment Raghuram Rajan, of the University of Chicago has been appointed as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India to favorable reviews in general.  You may remember him from the the Inside Job as one of the Cassandras who predicted the coming credit crisis.

His record after that has been spotty.   He has questioned Keynesian approaches and promoted austerity** as the answer to our economic woes and been quoted approvingly by none other David Brooks in one of his columns.

Wikipedia lists Rajan’s nationality as both Indian and American, which is it?  India does not allow for  dual citizenship, so he can’t be a citizen of both simultaneously. If he is not an Indian citizen, entrusting a non-citizen* with a nation’s monetary policy is strange to say the least.

* Initial conclusion  from some quick Google Searches suggested that he was a citizen of the United States.

** Article is behind a pay wall.

Correction: Raghuram Rajan is a citizen of India, the Wikipedia article was wrong. I found a speech he gave when he was at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where he states this fact about himself.


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  1. the speech does not prove that he is not a US citizen. His work for the US Comptroller General and for the FDIC would require him to be a US citizen …?

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