Robert Samuelson is back, Hating on the Internet

Dr Kitteh was right, there is no cure for Samuelson’s stupid.  He is back again, complaining how the internet killed the newspaper.

What Samuelson’s Editor should have said to him


LoL by: two_kittehs

Mr. Samuelson, don’t blame the internet, blame the newspapers. Your newspaper lost its readers because they don’t trust you to be objective or even informative.  You may have forgotten Washington Post’s relentless cheer leading for the Iraq War based on false premises but we the readers haven’t.     We are turning towards the internet for multiple sources of news because we don’t trust you.  Its not just the Iraq War either, this problem extends to the  coverage of the elections, where you ignore the issues and focus on the horse race and while covering the economy, you drive narratives which favor the already powerful.   We don’t want you to take sides or to entertain, but to inform, since you have failed to do so, you are going the way of the dodo.  The markets have delivered their verdict on the newspaper business, and too bad that you are at the receiving end of the creative destruction that you celebrate.

ETA:  Editor kitteh is now on the first page of ICHC/lolcats

Update: Overnight, editor kitteh also made it to the first page of ICHC, the launch page for all its sites. It is on pg 2 as of now.  I should thank Robert Samuelson, he has been a great mews!

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  1. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire has dumped all of its Gannett stock:

    Free hand of the market just smacked Big Journalism.

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