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Halloween Kitteh has a Warning For You

Serves you rite for dressing me up on Loloween

Serves you rite for dressing me up on Loloween

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This lol made it to the First Page of ICHC, sometime last year, seems appropriate for Halloween.   Do you dress your kittehs or goggies for Halloween?

Happy National Cat Day

I iz lolcatus of the Borg  Resistance is futile, you shall be assimilated

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At my house everyday is the Day of the Kitteh. I has been assimilated by lolcatus a long time ago.

ETA: This post was inspired by Anoniminous‘s comment over at Balloon Juice.

Concern Trolling Media Concern Trolls

The Beltway media continues its concern trolling about ACA or the  Affordable Care Act, specifically the Federal Health Exchange Website.  Annie Lowrey  in this morning’s New York Times,

Health Site’s Woes Could Dissuade Vital Enrollee: The Young and the Healthy


Yes, because the young cannot fall sick or be in an accident, they don’t need insurance.   Most people, young or old are glad to have access to health insurance for their peace of mind, even if they are currently healthy.   How many of these hypothetical invincibles really exist, who would rather go without insurance instead of enrolling using a phone or try again if their first attempt to enroll online was unsuccessful, I wonder.   I have to yet meet one in real life.

Meanwhile far from the cossetted environs of the Beltway media,  the under insured and the uninsured are happy to have access to affordable health insurance, glitchy website and all. 

Caturday Kitteh is Working Overtime

Programmer Kitteh is on the Job

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The Health Care Marketplace is in good paws now, in the interim if you are looking for someone to blame, Gail Collins has some suggestions.

We are all IT Experts Now


Itteh Bitteh IT Kitteh Committeh  Will fix all your tech problems

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Day Elebenty of the media complaining about the glitches in the health care market place website like it is the worst thing in the universe.  Have these  professional complainers never  ever encountered a difficult to use enterprise system either at school or work or ever dealt with the dreaded  BSOD .  It is pretty obvious that most of these special snowflakes have never written Hello World, level code  but they are all IT experts now.  Starting a war on false pretenses, that’s no big deal, but a glitchy website, and they act all panic stricken. Wonder what will send them to the fainting couches next?

Beltway Media discovers the Blue Screen of Death

On cable news and in the newspapers the biggest topic being discussed is not how the GOP ‘s attempt at sabotaging the economy cost the taxpayers billions of dollars but how the online health care exchanges are awful.  Everyone from Jon Stewart to Ezra Klein is piling on.   That the  Federal Health Care exchange site covers states with GOP governors who have tried everything in their power to sabotage a smooth rollout, hardly merits a mention.  They are behaving as if they have never heard of software problems or glitches or bugs in newly launched software, ever.  Guess they never used Windows Vista.

Blue Screen of Death  Strikes again

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Wednesday Afternoon Blogger Kitteh

Writer's Block; Kitteh Solutions

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Mohawk Trail IV

On our final day of the mini camping trip before saying bye to the little cabin in the woods we took the Mahican-Mohawk Trail, which runs parallel to the Cold River.  We followed the trail until we hit the forest boundary.   Our time in the picturesque Mohawk woods was drawing to a close.   With a heavy heart we bid adieu to the little cabin in the woods that had been home for two nights.  We were on the road a little after 11am, the only wildlife I had spotted was some frogs and mosquitoes.  On the way back home we stopped at the little Village of Shelburne Falls known for its artists co-ops, bridge of flowers and glacial potholes.  The weather was perfect and there wasn’t a single cloud on the horizon but alas it was time to go home.

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Little cabin in the woods

  Village of Shelburne Falls

Glacial Potholes

Roses on the Bridge of Flowers

Trite Analysis, Bangalore Edition

Lavanya Sankaran is back on the Sunday opinion pages  of the NYT.  This time she is not opining about caste but about gender, in particular about Indian men, yes all of them, more than 500 million or so in number. Here are her profound insights, not all Indian men are rapists and some of them like babies. But beware of the rising tide of feral zombies,

Indian cities are awash with feral men, untethered from their distant villages, divorced from family and social structure, fighting poverty, exhausted, denied access to regular female companionship, adrift on powerful tides of alcohol and violent pornography, newly exposed to the smart young women of the cities, with their glistening jobs and clothes and casual independence — and not able to respond to any of it in a safe, civilized manner. This is the world of women under siege, the medieval world of the walking undead, the rise of the zombies, targeting females rich and poor. For women, at least, winter is coming.

Would it surprise you to know that the non-rapey, baby loving men come from her comfortably-off cohort while the feral ones come from the struggling millions?  In a column that is supposed to be a defense of Indian men, she condemns millions just because they are poor and make her uncomfortable and prick her bubble of privilege.

But when it is at its best, the results, in women’s lives, speak for themselves. If the image of the Indian female as victim is true, so, too, is its converse: the Indian woman who coexists as a strong survivor, as conqueror, as worshiped goddess made flesh. Indian women have served as prime minister and president. They head banks and large corporations. They are formidable politicians, religious heads, cultural icons, judges, athletes and even godmothers of crime.

Ms Sankaran’s anecdata about women not withstanding, this is a country where  a male child is preferred to the female. A  preference that knows no barriers of caste, class or region.   Check out the skewed gender ratios of Indian states, if you don’t believe me.  From birth to death it is a struggle to be a woman in India.  Female infanticide and sex selective abortion thrives in India.  As does chronic malnutrition, according to a recent UNICEF report, 36% of women are chronically  malnourished and 55% are anemic.

For his part, the Indian male, when nested in family and community, is part of a domestic tapestry that is intricately woven and vital, it seems, to his own sense of well-being. Take that away from him, hurl him away — and a possible result is a man unmoored, lost, adrift and, potentially, a danger to himself and to his world. Disconnection causes social disengagement and despair — and the behavior that is the product of alienation and despair.

The close knit family and social structure is not an undisguised blessing either,  it  keeps women tethered so that they don’t stray too far from the accepted norms, an example from last week’s NYT.    The inferior status of women in Indian society is nothing new and cannot be conveniently blamed on technological change or modernity. You can’t solve a problem if you don’t even acknowledge it.  Deep seated misogyny is a part of India’s DNA. The recent spate of reported sexual assaults is but one violent manifestation of this phenomena.  Ms Sankar analysis is superficial and vacuous and shies away from delving into uncomfortable truths.

I don’t know why I bother listening to you

Trite Analysis

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Be Afraid, be Very Afraid of the Caturday Kitteh


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Who are the kitteh’s spymasters? Kitteh would have to kill you if he told you…