Both Sides Don’t Do It

Dear Media Bots of the so-called Liberal Media,

The  both sides do it narrative is corrosive and enables the worst Republican behavior.  The truth is not the average of the Republican and Democratic positions on an issue.

Truth != ( Democrat + Republican)/2

  • A debt default would be catastrophic
  • Climate Change is not a hoax
  • Austerity during a recession does not make the economy grow
  • Tax cuts do not reduce the deficit
  • President Obama was born in Hawaii
  • Creationism is not science

I could go on…

Your job is to inform not give a moment by moment commentary on who is winning or losing. Unlike you politics is not a game to most of us, what happens in DC matters to our lives. You are not doing your job, that’s why you are losing viewers and readers, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are trusted more than you. If you don’t change you are headed the way of the dodo. I hope you change but I am not holding my breath.


A frustrated consumer of the news media

False Media Equivalence is False

Media Equivalence

LoL by: two_kittehs (Picture by: soap17)




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  1. Kitteh iz fierce kitteh!! Methinks his diet of MSM Villagers is not going well.

  2. Awwww. I got distracted by the kitty with the fierce.

  3. This is excellent. Regrettably, you could run it biweekly. Nothing has changed (except Colbert retired his show, and Stewart is about to). sigh.

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