We are all IT Experts Now


Itteh Bitteh IT Kitteh Committeh  Will fix all your tech problems

LoL by: two_kittehs

Day Elebenty of the media complaining about the glitches in the health care market place website like it is the worst thing in the universe.  Have these  professional complainers never  ever encountered a difficult to use enterprise system either at school or work or ever dealt with the dreaded  BSOD .  It is pretty obvious that most of these special snowflakes have never written Hello World, level code  but they are all IT experts now.  Starting a war on false pretenses, that’s no big deal, but a glitchy website, and they act all panic stricken. Wonder what will send them to the fainting couches next?

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  1. Never underestimate teh power of teh cute to fix all problems.

  2. Never underestimate teh power of teh cute to fix all tech problems.

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