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Caturday Beach Babe


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Can I join you on the beach, kitteh?   It ar cold where I iz.

Happy Thanksgiving

Lend a Hand at Thanksgiving - Inspiration Line

Had a low key Thanksgiving dinner for two.  Turkey breast with roasted vegetables and herb butter, stuffing, green beans with lemon mustard dressing, cranberry sauce with whole cranberries and butternut squash custard.  The breast was moist and tender, took about an hour and half to cook. Now I don’t have to cook for the rest of the week.  How was your dinner?

Shortest Days of the Year

  The days are short and getting shorter, all around me nature is getting ready to take a good long nap till spring.  The grass outside my window is various shades of brown with some patches green, fighting valiantly to stay alive.  Most of the birds are gone and so are the leaves.   The stark beauty of the exposed branches reveal the shape of the tree and the grey mountains beyond.  I don’t mind the cold as long as I can at least have the sun.  That’s what keeps me going in January.   Through the tail end of November and most of December though, all I want to do is hibernate, especially when it is raining.

I can has sunshine?

I Can Has Sunshine

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Caturday Kitteh

I for one Welcome my new Kitteh Overlords

I for one Welcome my new Kitteh Overlords

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Washington Post Columnists sing a Dirge for the Death of Bipartisanship

With apologies to Johnny Cash I present the man of the hour, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.


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Republicans and their lackeys in the media, aka centrist pundits are singing a dirge for the death of bipartisanship.

Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post,

In filibuster fight, the Democrats go too far

Dana Milbank, also of the Washington Post;

The Democrats’ naked power grab

Did they not notice that bipartisanship died the day Obama was first elected as the President. I guess they were also asleep when the Senate Republicans despite  being a minority, filibustered nominee after nominee for no other reason than because they were nominated by Obama. This includes both executive branch appointments as well as judicial appointments. The Beltway Pundits do seem to have a peculiar definition of bipartisanship. To them it seems to mean that, Democrats give in to all the Republican demands, even when the Republicans are in a minority. They remind me of traditionalists who urge the wife to go back to her abusive husband and not file for divorce, even if he is beating the crap out of her.

I agree with Emily Bazelon’s take.

Two in two

I made the ICHC/lolcats, first page again.   The second time in as many days. This is the first time it has happened!

I Can Has Nap?

sleepy kitteh

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Another First Page on ICHC Lolcats

Literal Cat Takes you Literally

Literal Cat

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Just saw this on ICHC/lolcats, I made it a few days ago. I can never tell what will make it to the first page.

Thought for the Day

He may look tough but he is a softie underneath

He may look tough but he is a softie underneath

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Dal with Red Lentils

Dal and rice is  comfort food, Indian style. There are  many variations of the master recipe.  You start with the hulled lentils cooked till they are mush with a little turmeric and asafetida, temper them or not with various spices add a souring  agent or not, lastly add a garnish or not and then serve piping hot, usually but not always with rice.  Dal can be pretty basic or elaborate.  This recipe is my take on this Indian classic.  It uses ingredients that you will find in your regular grocery store, however spices at your Indian grocer will be much cheaper and fresher, so if you plan on making a lot of dal,  a trip to your friendly neighborhood Indian/Pakistani grocer may be in order.  This dal uses red lentils, I usually buy the Goya brand, since it is easily available.  Red lentils cook relatively quickly without a pressure cooker.


For the lentil mush

3/4 cup red lentils

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

1/4 teaspoon asafetida (optional)

1  small Serrano pepper or Thai birds eye chili or red dried chili

3 cups water

Salt to taste, I put about 2 teaspoons kosher salt

For Tempering the oil (Phodni or Tarka)

1 table spoon oil with a high smoking point such as canola or peanut oil

1 red or green hot chili

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

curry leaves (optional)

Souring agent

Juice of l lime or lemon


Fresh chopped cilantro

Step 1: Making the Mush

In a sauce pan put the lentils and all the other ingredients for the mush including water and bring to a boil, skim off any froth, these are insoluble proteins. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for about half an hour to 40 minutes or until the dal is completely cooked and mushy, discard the whole chili.

Step 2: Tempering the Oil

Heat the oil in small skillet with a heavy bottom, when the oil is translucent add the mustard, cumin, chili and curry leaves if you have them.  When the mustard begins sputtering, turn off the heat and add the hot oil with all the spices to the lentil mush.

Step 3:   Finish with the acidic element and a garnish

If you want you can add a little water to thin the stew or heat it some more to thicken it.   Add the lime juice and the garnish with fresh cilantro.  Check the seasoning,  you can add a tea spoon of sugar if it is too sour.  Serve hot with rice, add a pat of butter, ghee or even extra virgin olive oil.   Also, a great side dish to serve with an Indian dinner.


1.  Add sliced onion and/or garlic when tempering the oil.

Note :  The whole chili and curry leaves are not meant to be eaten.

Coming up next, sambar, a south Indian variation of dal, slightly more involved than this recipe.

Sunday Kitten

Caturday kitteh had to do chores so you can has Sunday Kitten instead.


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