Washington Post Columnists sing a Dirge for the Death of Bipartisanship

With apologies to Johnny Cash I present the man of the hour, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.


Caption by schroedinger’s cat aka two_kittehs, Photocredits: AP

Republicans and their lackeys in the media, aka centrist pundits are singing a dirge for the death of bipartisanship.

Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post,

In filibuster fight, the Democrats go too far

Dana Milbank, also of the Washington Post;

The Democrats’ naked power grab

Did they not notice that bipartisanship died the day Obama was first elected as the President. I guess they were also asleep when the Senate Republicans despite  being a minority, filibustered nominee after nominee for no other reason than because they were nominated by Obama. This includes both executive branch appointments as well as judicial appointments. The Beltway Pundits do seem to have a peculiar definition of bipartisanship. To them it seems to mean that, Democrats give in to all the Republican demands, even when the Republicans are in a minority. They remind me of traditionalists who urge the wife to go back to her abusive husband and not file for divorce, even if he is beating the crap out of her.

I agree with Emily Bazelon’s take.


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  1. Centrists haz a sad. That boy haz no moar controls over his unchecked authoritah!

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