Happy Thanksgiving

Lend a Hand at Thanksgiving - Inspiration Line

Had a low key Thanksgiving dinner for two.  Turkey breast with roasted vegetables and herb butter, stuffing, green beans with lemon mustard dressing, cranberry sauce with whole cranberries and butternut squash custard.  The breast was moist and tender, took about an hour and half to cook. Now I don’t have to cook for the rest of the week.  How was your dinner?

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  1. My dinner consisted of sitting by the computer fighting the cats for my turkey. 🙂

    • Who won the fight? My cats are not overly fond of the turkey, they prefer shrimp or beef, preferably raw.

      • It’s according to how you define the word “won.” 🙂

        My boys prefer the dollar general multi-garbage shredded special (otherwise known as EverPet with chicken and salmon in gravy (If they knew what “with” meant, they might not touch the stuff). One of them wants it on a white styrofoam plate. The other wants a spoon full of it on top of his Purina dry cat food.

        They’ll steal a chunk of meat from my plate, then wait until I cut it into acceptably microscopic pieces before eating it.

        I think they’re a tad spoiled.

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