Historic Deerfield

When we had our friends from upstate NY over for a visit a couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate to  get a warm sunny day.   We decided to make use of this rare opportunity to go visit Historic Deerfield.  It was a particularly pretty November day, the trees had not shed all their leaves, it was cool but not cold and it was sunny.   Historic Deerfield is a living history museum.  It includes 11 period homes interspersed between  residences  and the  Deerfield Academy,  along the tree lined Old Main Street.  The houses are meticulously preserved with period details and furniture.  There are many self guided and directed tours.  Some of the treasures include silverware made by Paul Revere and a gun that was used in the battle of Bunker Hill.   We  managed to tour 5 of the houses. If you are in a hurry at least check out the Wells-Thorne House.  Each room in the house depicts a different period, you start the tour in a thread bare room from the Colonial period, when the town of Deerfield was new and struggling,  and end with a well appointed mid to late 19th century room with the best furnishings of the day.

Old Deerfield



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  1. Back in the late 70s and early 80s I attended Zoo Mass and for several years lived in West Deerfield. Good times! Thanks for the memories!

  2. i used to live on top of florida mountain way back in the 50s, and the family held property there until this century. source of the cold river flowed from the place. i still travel all over that area.

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