Animal Farm, Downton Abbey Episode 6, season 4 Review

Warning: Spoilers follow..

Pigs share the top billing with Mary in this episode.  In this episode, the ice-maiden thawed a little and got muddy. As predicted earlier, Blake has fallen for Mary, and we did not even have to wait for the season finale.   The pigs are part of the plan to keep Downton solvent during changing times.  Mary was giving Blake a tour of the pigpen with its newly arrived pigs.  The pigs were dehydrated and one had even passed out. Mr. Blake, the bureaucrat rolled his sleeves and helped save the piggies, with Mary’s help.  They both got muddy and playful.  Quite unbelievable really. I was rolling my eyes at scene that belonged in some sappy rom-com.

Lord Stalker was back, too.  Though, Lord Gillingham is engaged he can’t seem to keep away from Mary. This time he even had Green, his rapist valet along with him, who having gotten away with rape during his last visit has gotten more brazen. We saw him smirking endlessly and  ready with  a cover story, that both he and Anna were drunk, when he was confronted by Mrs. Hughes.  I would say that the sleazy bastard’s days are numbered, Mr. Bates was giving him the stink eye when they were eating in the servants’ hall.

Chopped Liver and disaster magnet Edith is pregnant,  and Aunt Rosamund is being a better parent to her than Cora.  After paying a visit to a back alley abortion doctor, Edith has decided to keep the baby.  Lady Gullible is oblivious, of course.  Why does Cora always look like she is high? She was not so spacey in the earlier seasons. Is she on drugs?

Lord Grantham has gone to the US, along with Thomas, something to do with Tea-pot Dome scandal and Cora’s brother.  Thomas went with him instead of Bates, because of Mrs. Hughes intervention, she had to take Mary into confidence, to achieve the desired result.  So now Mary knows Anna’s secret, though she doesn’t know that Green was the perpetrator.

In other news, Violet falls sick and is nursed back to health by Isobel.  So now they are both even. Tom Branson goes to a political meeting and meets a woman.  He doesn’t seem all that interested but she sure does.  Rose was in there somewhere flirting with Jack Ross as was the tiresome trapezoid of Ivy, Daisy, Jimmy and Albert. Ivy finally figures out that Jimmy is a creep.

The twenties may be roaring but Downton is still moving at a glacial pace.  Only two more episodes left in this season and the story seems to have barely moved.

Grade: B

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