Concern Troll Architect is Concerned

Witold Rybczynski, who was on the design committee that advised Laura Bush on the George W. Bush presidential library, has unsolicited advice for President Obama.  He wants the current President to build a modest library, he didn’t say whether a library with 3/5ths square footage of W’s Presidential Library would suffice. He doesn’t want the library to be grandiose, like the libraries of other former presidents. Why? Would that be too uppity? Rybczynski wants President Obama to donate his papers to the Library of Congress instead.

a bold move would be to revert to tradition and deposit his papers at the Library of Congress. (The National Archives and Records Administration manages the 13 presidential libraries, which nowadays are built and maintained with private funds. The Herbert C. Hoover Library opened in 1962.)

Failing that, he should set himself apart by thinking small or, at least, smaller. Mr. Obama has written a moving book about his early life; there’s no need to retell that story. His library should be more of an archive and less of a museum, more of a house, less of a shrine. In an austere age, a modest library could be the grandest statement of all.

I shouldn’t be, but I continue to be amazed by the pettiness of people who begrudge President Obama the perks of his office, which were taken for granted before Mr. Obama became the President.

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  1. I’ve been to the Ronald Reagan library, which is about as ostentatious and overblown as it gets (they have Air Force One AND Marine One in display in a giant hangar). This guy needs to shut his fucking mouth and take the log out of his own eye before he starts criticizing people from the other party.

  2. rule of thumb seems to be, the fewer books read, the larger the library

  3. “a library with 3/5ths square footage of W’s Presidential Library ”

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