Love is in the Air, Downton Abbey, Episode 7, Season 4

This week on Downton, Lady Grantham aka Clueless Cora was putting together a charity Bazaar and people were either falling in love, getting their hearts broken or facing the consequences of their socially disapproved dalliances.

Love, it makes the world go around

Downstairs, a sweet friendship is developing between the eternal sad sack Molesley and the cipher that is Baxter. The tiresome trapezoid is finally over, Ivy turned down Albert when he asked her to marry him.  Daisy  finally made peace with the fact that Albert is just not into her.

Upstairs, Rose and Jack got engaged and then unengaged.   Rose seemed to be using Jack as a way to get back at her mother.  When Mary found out about the engagement, she went to London and convinced Jack to break off the engagement.

As for Mary, she is still keeping Gillingham and Blake dangling.  Napier seems to have got the message, since he was nowhere to be seen.  Isobel too has a potential love interest.  Unfortunately, chopped liver Edith has no such luck, and will be heading to the continent with her Aunt Rosamund to give birth.

Edith’s Saga

Clueless Cora is completely oblivious to  Edith’s predicament.  What is the matter with Cora this season? I don’t remember her being such an utter imbecile in the earlier seasons.  Unlike Cora, Violet suspected the obvious and interrogated both her daughter and granddaughter till they spilled the beans.  Violet was not judgmental at all and even offered to pay for Edith’s trip.  Her reaction seemed anachronistic and very twenty-first century to me.

Violet and Isobel

Violet also invited her frenemy Isobel, when Lord Merton,  Mary’s  godfather, came to visit.  Merton was charmed by Isobel and her direct ways.  He even walked her back to her home in the village and  sent her flowers later.  What I don’t understand is why Merton sent the flowers for Isobel to the Dower House, when he knew where Isobel lived.  I also like the friendship that is developing between Isobel and Tom Branson.  Not a fan of Bunting, who we saw again this episode. Is she supposed to be a love interest for Tom? She was rude and obnoxious when she was on the screen, both this week and the last. Why does Fellowes make his middle-class people so off-putting? I remember Isobel riding her moral high horse in the earlier seasons, now she seems to have mellowed quite bit.  By the way, whatever happened to Dr. Clarkson, wasn’t he sweet on Isobel in season 3?

CSI Downton

After Anna finally confided in Lady Mary about Green.  Our heroine, managed to get Green fired using her influence with Gillingham. However, it was unnecessary since by the end of the episode slimy Green met his end under the wheels of justice.  Did Bates off him? Bates was not at Downton on the day of the accident but neither were  Mary or Anna.

The episode ended with the return of Thomas and Lord Grantham from the United States.

One more episode left to review, until then I will leave you with the best off-air Downton romance; Isis the yellow lab simply adores Allen Leech the actor who plays Branson.

h/t TWOP forums Downton Abbey.

Full IMDB credits here

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  1. I felt the whole tedious Ivy-James-Daisy-Alfred thing was redeemed by the final scene between Daisy and Mrs. Patmore, which brought me to tears both on first and second viewing. Fellowes can really tug the heartstrings when he’s on. Plus I was glad to see Mr. Mason again. I read Violet’s tolerant reaction as being conditioned to her having lost one granddaughter already. She’s not going to give Edith a hard time on this. Apparently the wife of the actor who plays Dr. Clarkson committed suicide in the middle of the season, hence his disappearance. I wish Foyle’s son (Charles Blake) had more of a character to play, since he is an excellent actor — he’s just not getting a chance to be one so far.

    • I too like Mr. Mason and that seen between Mrs. Patmore and Daisy. Mary and her suitors story line is beyond boring. Blake could have been the one who was immune to Mary’s charms. Both Blake and Gillingham have nothing much to do except moon about how wonderful Mary is.

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