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Ms. Not Good Enough will now Analyze Your Marriage

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the New York Times Magazine has an article by  Lori Gottlieb, titled;

Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?

The question mark in the title is rather pointless, because she spends the rest of the article trying to convince her readers, that is indeed the case. If Gottlieb’s name sounds familiar it is because she recently penned a whiny screed for the opinion pages pf the Times about losing her insurance coverage due to the Affordable Care Act.

In her latest article Ms. Gottlieb,  theorizes that women are not turned on by husbands  who help with womanly  household chores, such couples have less sex  than the couples where men only do manly chores.  I wonder what these manly chores entail? Chopping wood? Who knew that being bone tired after doing all the cooking and cleaning is a  great aphrodisiac.

According to the only study that Gottlieb cites,  men who do manly chores and their  wives have sex ten times a month as compared to 8.5, which is the average for couples who split household chores.  If you ask me, ten times a month  hardly qualifies as  hot and heavy.   She points to  the commercial success of Fifty Shades of Grey, as additional evidence. Dubious logic is dubious.

Taken to its logical conclusion, this would imply that women who belong to fundamentalist sects that enforce strict gender roles  must be having the best time in the sack!  This could be the topic of Ms. Gottlieb’s new column. After extolling the virtues of settling for Mr. Good Enough and performing all of the  “womanly” household chores, it would be a  natural progression for Gottlieb who calls herself a feminist.

Update :  I just read a NYT blog post, that had an interview of Gottlieb.

She thinks she is being edgy and provocative but in what way is the advice she dishes out different than someone from the Victorian era. Haven’t women been told told since time immemorial to get married and have kids when they are young,  be dutiful wives, shoulder all the responsibility to keep the home and hearth inviting  and keep their husbands happy without expecting anything in return?  Tired tropes do not become provocative just because they are  dressed up  in psychobabble by a media savvy huckster, who despite all her advice about settling for Mr. Good  does not seem to be married herself.

Chasing mice for our dinner was exhausting


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Caturday Kitteh is Relaxing

Relaxed Cat is Relaxed

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Thursday Goggies would Like to have a Word with You

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Snow Day Winter Whine


I don’t know what’s worse, the cold or the depressing lack of sunlight. However the absolute worst has to be the freeze-thaw cycle, which makes even walking a high risk activity.  What do you like or hate the most about winter?

All that Jazz, Downton Abbey Episode 5, Season 4 Review

Warning: Spoilers follow..

Winds of change  have finally arrived at Downton this week in the guise of a jazz band.  Not everything has changed though,  Isobel is back, in the words of inimitable Violet, fueled by  righteous indignation.   Give  those two and the awesome Mrs. Hughes  a spin-off, those three are the smartest cookies at Downton. It will be far more entertaining than the  Mary Crawley Show that Downton has become.  Speaking of Mary, we finally get someone who is not completely taken in by her Snootiness.  That someone would be Evelyn Napier’ boss Charles Blake who made an appearance this week.   Blake and Napier  are government bureaucrats conducting a study  about the estates in Yorkshire.  I have a question; what is so special about Yorkshire, why are so many novels/shows that focus on the landed gentry so often set there? Parade’s end is another example that I can think of.  Napier’s boss is concerned about the national food supply and not the survival of entitled twits like Lady Mary.  He may not have a title but is just as pompous as Mary and more rude. I predict he will start acting like a lovesick puppy before this season is over. Didn’t Matthew and Mary start off as antagonists too?

The highlight of the episode was a surprise performance by Jack Ross who we met in episode 3, engineered by Rose.  Except for Chopped Liver Edith, everyone was blasé about a black man performing in the Abbey.  This  comports with our twenty first century sensibilities but how realistic would this be in 1920s?   Carson’s reaction to Ross seemed more realistic, initial shock that wears off after he gets to know Mr. Ross.  Gary Carr who plays Ross is dashing  but the same cannot be said about his singing. His accent is confusing too, is he supposed to American? After the party Mary found Jack and Rose making out downstairs.  Knowing JF’s penchant for repeating plotlines, I hope that Ross doesn’t end up being Rose’s Pamuk.  I appreciate their attempt to bring diversity to Downton’s cast but I find anything to do with Rose boring. They need to either ship her off  to India, or she can elope with Jack on the Titanic. Unfortunately not only has that ship sailed but it also has hit an iceberg.

As for Edith, was she being racist or was she just flustered because she knows now that her goose is cooked, since she is indeed pregnant. She was so miserable throughout the hour that both her parents actually noticed her this week.   Edith did call Robert on his industrial strength horse-shit that he loved all his children equally.  I wonder why parents feel the need to say this, despite evidence to the contrary.

In the downstairs action, the tiresome trapezoid is over, since Albert is going to be on Top Chef, I mean cooking as an apprentice at the Ritz.  Daisy finally took out her frustrations on Ivy, and blamed her for driving Albert away which made absolutely no sense.  Also, Jimmy is a jerk, and  Ivy finally figured it out this week.  I used to like Daisy before, she has regressed this season.

The Batses went to dinner at a posh restaurant, where the host refused to even seat them before an intervention from Cora who was also there for dinner. Lesson,  the aristocrats are not the real snobs!  Coming back to the Batses, they are both still struggling to get past the Anna’s traumatic assault.  Thomas,  is still skulking in the shadows and plotting while Baxter is playing the reluctant accomplice.  Mr. Molsley is back  as a footman, as is the gardener who Violet suspected of stealing her letter opener. It was all an honest mistake, which came to light due to the smarts of Isobel.  Or was it all a plot by Violet to draw Isobel out of her grief?

Last but not the least there was a lovely scene, in the nursery where Isobel, Tom and Mary are reminiscing about their lost dead spouses, what could have been a sad scene concluded on a happy note when Isobel reminds the Tom and Mary that have been the lucky ones, to know what it is to be in love and be loved in return. Truer words could not have been said.  Isobel can be a pill at times but this week she had some great moments.

Grade: B

Full IMDB credits here

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Guess Who?

In the 1950s, the bureaucracy was the computer. People were organized into technocratic systems in order to perform routinized information processing. But now the computer is the computer.


You can leave your guesses in the comments.

Hint: NYT columnist.

Oh no, not again


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Caturday Kittehs has a Busy


My two kittehs , when they were helping me with writing up solutions for quantum mechanics homework