86th Academy Awards Ceremony Round-Up

Best Dressed Male


LoL by: two_kittehs

Although, this year the only Oscar nominated movie I saw was Gravity, I still watched the somewhat entertaining and overly long award show.  Oscars is pretty much the only award show I watch, mostly for the pretty clothes on the pretty people and to figure out which movies to catch later on DVD.  I will  definitely be on a lookout for Philomena and  American Hustle , not sure whether I have the stomach to see Twelve Years a Slave and the Dallas Buyer’s Club.  Which movies did you see?  Any must see, recommendations?

I may be among the minority that wasn’t a big fan of Ellen’s hosting of the show, it seemed off to me, the selfie and the pizza stunt included.

Best Acceptance Speech : Lupita Nyong’o

Runner-Up:  Darlene Love, former back up singer featured in  the documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom

Weirdest Speech: Matthew McConaughey

Best Dressed Female :  Amy Adams, in a perfectly fitting unfussy navy gown.

Runner-Up: Sandra Bullock,  she was elegant and picture perfect in her navy gown.

Best Dressed Male: Tuxie Kitteh

Runner-Up : Benedict Cumberbatch

Anyone else, stand out for you?

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  1. You should see Dallas Buyers Club. MM earned that Oscar; Leto even better.

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