Do They Give Awards For False Equivalence?

Nicholas Kristof’s latest column on Ukraine would be a strong contender, for such an award.  In a column  that is supposed to be critical of  GOP’s unabashed Putin love, Nicholas Kristof spends one third of the column dissing the Obama administration.

Look, it’s true that Obama’s foreign policy has often been disappointing. Tripling the number of American troops in Afghanistan was a mistake. So was rejecting the advice of Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus to arm the moderate Syrian opposition. The Obama pivot to Asia has stalled, serious engagement with Pakistan ended with the death of Richard Holbrooke, and Obama has appointed some appallingly uninformed campaign donors to be ambassadors.

In one paragraph he slams Obama for being too hawkish and not being hawkish enough.  Brilliant suggestion there by Villager Kristof, since arming the Afghan rebels in the late 70s and early 80s turned out so well.  Better stick to writing about brothels, Nick.    As for the ambassador appointments, even if we take GOP stooge Jonathan Karl’s story at face value, Kristof is blaming Obama for playing the game by the Citizen’s United rules.  Isn’t it  curious how the so-called liberal pundits of the main stream media want the Democrats to fight with one hand behind their back.  Besides, what do all these criticisms have to do with the bizarre GOP behavior about Putin, is something I fail to understand.

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