Houston We Has A Purrblem

Major Tom

By two_kittehs

When I checked ICHC this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a  picture  I captioned had made it to the first page of both ICHC and ICHC/lolcats, over the weekend. My first in 2014, all in all a good start to the week.  More first page lols here and here.

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  1. Very cute. At dinner time this evening one of our two cats was loudly awol. Coluldn’t fine here anywhere.

    Finally, I was standing beside an HVAC duct cover and heard her meow from inside the ductwork. We’re painting and fixing up, and while the grill was off she went in, then I used a bucket of mud to hold the cover on, to keep her out…

    She was covered with rabid dust bunnies, and oh so hungry!

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