Kickstarter For Carolyn Walker’s Second Album

I would like to share my friend Carolyn Walker’s  Kickstarter project with you.   Carolyn Walker is a singer and songwriter based in Western Massachusetts. It will the fund the recording her second album, Incarnadine.  In her own words:

It seems like everyone is doing a crowd funding project now a days.  Kickstarter alone has reached the 1 billion mark for monies raised since its inception in 2009.  I self-funded my first album, Resolution, which was a big challenge.  Since then I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to record another album unless I turn to crowd funding.

When I was in school I had the honor of playing in the UMass orchestra under a wonderful and inspiring conductor.  He had many motivational stories and funny anecdotes he’d share with the orchestra.  During one rehearsal he told us we should not be professional musicians; instead we should be doctors and lawyers.  With a laugh he added we would then have enough money to give to the arts.  After the orchestra members had a good chuckle, the conductor continued:  music is not a profession you do for money.  Music is what you do because it is your passion, because you cannot see your life being any other way.

Unfortunately you cannot make and record music without money: buying and maintaining instruments, studying for years to learn your craft, hiring recording engineers and other musicians, and manufacturing CDs are all just the tip of the iceberg.  And yet our world has such immediate and easy access to free music!  In light of this it has given me great heart to have seen how fellow songwriters have launched their own vibrant and successful projects and received incredible amounts of support.  Not just from doctors and lawyers, but from students, friends, family, strangers, graphic designers, yoga instructors, fellow musicians, retired folk, and all those who make up the greater community.  It reminds me that this isn’t about the passion of one musician, but a shared passion of all those who experience the music.  From the patron who faithfully buys tickets to all the shows, to the stranger who walks into a coffee shop for a quick pick me up and lingers a little longer to hear the lonely girl in a corner singing her heart out, all of these people make a difference.

Here is one of the songs from her last album,

I have the CD of Carolyn’s first album and I have also heard her play live.  She is as talented as she is beautiful.

If you like music that’s from the heart, you should check out her Kickstarter project.  If you want to know more about Carolyn you can also check out her website here.

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