John Oliver takes on the Indian Elections

In his debut on HBO, John Oliver covered the Indian elections better than his real news cable TV counterparts. Speaking of Oliver’s segment, I too liked Rahul Gandhi’s vest; khadi or L. L. Bean? Nice subtle take-down of Narendra Modi.  The hologram is ridiculous, as are the face mask wearing supporters he did not show.  I had not seen Indian TV in years, yikes they seem to have devolved from the time when the boring and sedate Doordarshan  was the only game in town for political coverage. The televised shouting match was worse than a school yard fight. Both the interviewer and the interviewee kept repeating, how dare you, umpteenth times, new word now, please, kthx. Also, loved the fact that Oliver completely ignored  Arvind Kejriwal whose entire political persona and campaign reeks of performance art.  A brief primer on the personalities and parties in this election here.

BTW, I had no idea that McLaughlin Group was still on. Have the changed their set and guests since the Cretaceous era? In all seriousness though, the Newshour and BBC World News on PBS  have had  fairly decent coverage of the Indian elections.

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