India Trip: Dispatch 2, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Day four of my trip and I am almost feeling like a member of the human race again. It was the first time I actually managed to a get a good night’s sleep since I left home last Wednesday.  Sleep deprivation is too a form of torture, though in my case it was totally self inflicted.

Yesterday evening I went for a walk in the park late in the afternoon.  The cool winds blowing from the Arabian Sea made the humidity tolerable.  Speaking of which this is what my hair looks like right now after spending an hour straightening it with a flat iron.

furry rabbit photo

Credit: Squish_E, Flickr

Mango Tree

Under the Shade of the Mango Tree  in the S. K. Patil Garden

The garden seemed much smaller than when I last saw it and parts of the garden were dug up.  A foiled land grab  which has stalled, I was told. It gave me a glimpse into why people here are hungering for a change. It seems that Indian elected officials can only be held accountable at the time of elections. So alternating between two sub-par choices is the only power the people have.

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  1. Hi Schroedingers cat,

    I’m looking forward to the rest of your stay in your old digs being covered on the blogosphere. Enjoy revisiting the old places and seeing some new ones!

    Best of luck,
    JR in WVa

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