Live Blogging Indian Election Results, A Clean Sweep for the BJP

10. 30 a.m  Mumbai, India

The exit polls have predicted a clean sweep for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led alliance and the actual results so far seem to be in agreement.  People are frustrated. Congress led alliance has been in charge of the Central (Federal) Government for the last ten years.  The country is in a mood for change.  People seem to be frustrated with the lack of accountability and the slow pace of change, not to speak of nepotism. The Congress has been dominated by the descendants of one family, the family of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.  His great grandson, Rahul Gandhi and granddaughter-in-law head the party now.  The electorate is  pinning its hopes on Narendra Modi and BJP, the only other credible choice.  Counting the votes has just begun and the results show who is leading right now.


Congress and its allies:  71

BJP and its allies: 306

BJP : 276

Congress:  53

BJP and its allies are ahead in all the seats in Mumbai too. It looks like BJP may be able to win a simple majority on its own.

Up to the minute election results here and a brief primer on the Indian elections, here

1.00 p.m.

Update One: If the current results hold, for the first time in thirty years a single party will be able to form a government without the help of any allies.

2.30 p. m

Update Two:  BJP ally Shiv Sena’s Arvind Savant has won the election for the Bombay South constituency, where I am right now.  This seat was held by the Congress since 2004.


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