The Dark Lord is Back

He has arisen from his crypt to blame President Obama by penning an op-ed full of lies and ugly insinuations with his equally evil spawn in the Wall Street Journal.  The latest news from Iraq has brought the war mongering neo-cons out of the woodwork and they are furiously penning op-eds and making rounds of shouty TV,  laying the blame for the current mess in Iraq at the feet of President Obama. Like before, their flunkies in the media are giving them an able assist.

Everything Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and others in the Bush administration have said about Iraq has been based on a tissue of lies. They roughed up Iraq, killing untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, just because they could, at a great cost in terms of both lives and treasure.  I also remember the relentless demonizing of anyone who did not fall in line about the plan for the invasion of Iraq.  Anyone who did not support George W. Bush 100% was labeled a traitor, remember Dixie chicks?  Now Dick and daughter are insinuating that the sitting President of the United States is a traitor. As Betty Cracker so eloquently wrote in Balloon Juice this morning, Irony is Dead. Off the top of my head, a list things that Cheney and company were wrong about regarding Iraq:

  • Saddam Hussein was not involved in the attacks of September, 11 2001
  • He did not have nuclear weapons
  • American troops were not welcomed as liberators
  • The war did not pay for itself, total cost of the war  three trillion dollars and counting
  • The war did not bring a stable democracy to Iraq
  • The much touted surge did not work

What were are seeing in Iraq  now is direct result of the botched invasion in 2003.   History did not begin when Obama was elected for the first time.  Given their track record President Obama should do the exact opposite of whatever Cheney and company suggest. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.  As for the media, no matter what he does, it is always the President’s fault. So whatever they say deserves to be ignored as well. 


Dick Cheney (2)

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images  Caption Credits: Schroedinger’s Cat

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  1. You should make a tweet of all of the claims Cheney got wrong. He needs to sit down and shut up.

  2. This is a good start, but there are a lot more items on the list that Cheney and his minions got wrong.

    Remember they had no prepared plan in case there was a continuing rebellion against the liberators. Maybe the worst.

    No one was assigned to immediately travel to known(!) Armories used by various military units of Saddam’s elite guards and KEEP PEOPLE FROM STEALING munitions of all kinds. Well, maybe this is the worst!

    No one was assigned to guard museums with priceless and irreplacable artifacts from mmediately travel to known(!) Armories used by various military units of Saddam’s elite guards and KEEP PEOPLE FROM STEALING munitions the beginnings of human civilization. But they kept the Oil Ministry records inviolate in case that paperwork would help them steal oil. So now there’s a huge underground market in priceless artifacts from Sumer, Babylon, etc… citystates who’s names ring with every culture now extant. This is pretty bad too!

    No one was aware of where the Sh’ia and Sunni lived in Iraq nor in Bagdad; nor was any plan developed in case violence broke out between them, as it has for the past 1500 years, since the schism developed in the prophet’s family. Rather, “These people are civilized and know how to get along!” I think this is actually a paraphrase of a statement by SecDef Rumsfeld!

    Remember when”the liberated Iraqis tore down all the huge statues of Saddam!”? No, that was Marines, with a few passers-by drafted for photo opportunities. The Marines used machines designed to retrieve borken down main battle tanks, which weigh tons… I imagine the “tow trucks” for those puppies are pretty strong, and they still had trouble with many of the statues, no one wanted to be the guy who had to tell Saddam that his statue in the square in Kirkut fell down and receive a death penalty by torture with power tools.

    Between your start and this contribution we have a very good start on examples of total incompetance – and plain lies – on the part of Cheney and his minions, none of whom would dare say anything of substance without first getting his OK.

    Thanks for what you do, I always enjoy your posts at BJ and here on your own blog. Welcome back from India, glad you didn’t get into the rites with your MiL. That sounded like a lose-lose situation, might as well lose the most effortless way. If you had gone through with it, she would have found 50 things you did all wrong, which will certainly be blamed for everything bad that ever happens to the family, the locality, and India in general… that how my wife’s mother was, anyhow.

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