Cruzing for a Bruising?

Ted Cruz and the crazy threesome ( Representatives Michelle Bachmann, Louie Gohmert and Steve King)  are driving the GOP immigration policy now.  The  Republican House passed two bills, one to deny due process to the child migrants from Central America and another one to deport the beneficiaries of the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACANate Cohn writing for the Times 538 wannabe, Upshot has piped in to let us know that this declaration of hate is not a big deal at all because only one state with a Senate election  this November has a sizable Hispanic population. Yes, indeed why should anyone except Hispanics be bothered about this latest turn of events because the short sighted mean spiritedness displayed by the current GOP officeholders is not going to affect them at all, right? Wrong, the list of people and groups that are in the GOP cross hairs are numerous and by no means restricted to immigrants legal or otherwise.  In fact, even something as non-controversial as promoting basic science is enough to earn you the ire of the right wing media, these days.

I remember that there was a time not that long ago, when the DREAM act which provided a path to legalization for  out of status individuals who had been brought to the United States as minors had bipartisan support and Republican sponsors.

I think that Cohn is wrong and that GOP will pay a price at the polls, but if it doesn’t, I lay at least part of the blame at the door of the  media including New York Times, which has been asleep at the switch while covering Republican intransigence and its effects.  Focusing instead  on convincing the readers how everything from Russia’s incursion in Ukraine to Israel’s latest actions in Gaza to the Republican clamoring for impeachment, is all President Obama’s  fault.

The Answer is No, unless you are Cuban


By two_kittehs

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