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Seafood Gumbo

My first attempt at making a seafood gumbo was by and large successful. I didn’t follow a particular recipe but had many good suggestions from the wonderful commenters  at Balloon juice, especially raven, lamh and NotMax.  I made the gumbo  with crawfish, mussels and shrimp. It was nutritious and delicious.  Though my food photography needs some work,  this gives you an idea of  what the final product looked like.  I served it with long grain white rice on the side and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


Merry Christmas

Were you a good kitteh this year or were you like these two diabolical purr monsters plotting their next move against their pink monkey? Wishing you joy and happiness today and everyday.


I wonder what surprise they have in store for me? You can leave your guess in the comments if you like.


First Day of Winter

By two_kittehs

May I  join you, kitteh?

Update 1: Hibernation kitteh made it to the first page of ICHC/lolcats. Other FPs on ICHC here.

Upadate 2: Hibernation kitteh was promoted to the main page of ICHC, yesterday, right now he is on page 2!

Joe Nocera Is Concerned

The story is depressingly familiar, a business that has been bleeding red ink for years, changes hands.   The new owner brings in new management to run the shop.  Management buzzwords are thrown around.  A major round of cost cutting follows.  Usually that involves firing old employees, assigning the remaining ones more duties, without any raises for the rank and file but a big fat bonus for the new CEO and upper management.
Hardly newsworthy material, one would think? Especially when the said business, has a consumer base of less than 50,000. However you would be wrong.

When the business in question is a magazine with a storied past, it is the subject of numerous opinion columns  in many national news outlets of repute.  The opinion writers who regularly write columns extolling the virtues of cut throat capitalism are not so sanguine when it affects them at a personal level.

Joe Nocera of the NYT devoted an entire column yesterday, to discuss this storm in a tea cup, details here. How dare some tech guy tell esteemed Beltway Pundits how to do their job? I mean, they are hardly  public school teachers, who Joe Nocera and every other Pundit worth his salt has no problem lecturing on about the same. After all TNR, performs the  vital job of introducing ugly right racist memes to polite discourse.
Good old Joe, is appalled that his esteemed colleagues at the TNR have to become click whores now, oh the humanity!

The New Republic’s business executives were trying to get the editors to do things that would attract more clicks. One executive suggested that Michael Kinsley — a former New Republic editor himself — come up with a listicle, à la BuzzFeed. (“10 reasons why health care isn’t a free market.”)


I wonder what NYT’s financials are like? Are they ripe for takeover by some tech Moghul?

Since I am not a TNR writer, obligatory click bait, Kitteh!

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