Merry Christmas

Were you a good kitteh this year or were you like these two diabolical purr monsters plotting their next move against their pink monkey? Wishing you joy and happiness today and everyday.


I wonder what surprise they have in store for me? You can leave your guess in the comments if you like.


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  1. “Our pink monkey is pointing the glass eye at us again; let’s look like we’re plotting against him!”

  2. I wish my two kittehs were as friendly looking as these two. The bigger one likes to jump on the smaller one and beat up on her. The smaller one is quicker, and sharp, and screams and kickes the bigger cat, trying to disembowel her. The big cat was once very obese and got named punkin on account of her mostly blackdark brown torty coat and round appearance. Now she’s lost most of the fat, and is just a big strong kitty, with about 18 inches of extra skin from when she was a small blimp.

    But Punkin is very affectionate, and I frequently wakt a little in the wee hours with her purring next to me, upon which event skritch her chin and ears until she stops purring or I fall back asleep.

    The other cat is a grey torty, atheletic, affectionate, but never purred the first year we had her. Nearly feral in some ways. Now she purrs when she wants to, sits on my chest when she wants out or fed. Her name is Spike because she is so very very sharp.

    • Don’t let the momentary peace between the warring parties fool you. Boss cat intimidates the ginger kitteh and tries to boot her out just for shit and giggles when he is bored. How did you manage the feat of slimming down your kitteh?

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