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Caturday Kitteh, Perfect Antidote to Cabin Fever

Warning: Very addictive even in small doses

By two_kittehs

This lol was featured a few weeks ago on ICHC, in a collection of; If I fits, I sits, meme. You will find other lols  in the compilation here .

RIP, Leonard Nimoy

By two_kittehs

Mr. Spock you will be missed.  Which is your favorite Spock episode? Mine is Unification from the Next Generation.  I miss Star Trek in its various avatars and its positive humanistic vision of the future.  Most science fiction that makes it to the screen these days seems to be of a dystopian future, including the  J J Abrahams reboot. 

Happy Caturday and Valentine’s Day

By two_kittehs (Picture by: two_kittehs)

Much better reading than Fifty Shades of Meh. Did you anything special for Valentine’s Day?

Has the Austerity Cat met his Match?

Greek Kitteh stands up to the Austerity Cat

LoL by: two_kittehs

Austerity Cat is looking out for you

Austerity Cat is looking out for you

LoL by: two_kittehs (Picture by: Deebrio)

Austerity policies during a recession make matters worse, not better.  A lesson that the world learnt in  the aftermath of the Great Depression but seems to have forgotten in this century. What ails the global economy is the lack of demand, which the austerity policies have only exacerbated, take it away,Prof. Stiglitz.

With the recent elections in Greece, finally, someone with real political power is standing up to the conventional wisdom that austerity is good for the economy. You can keep  track of their progress, on the Greek finance minister’s blog.  I wish the new the Greek government all the luck, they are going to need it while navigating the shoals of the economy, including the debt and massive unemployment.