David Brooks Plumbs New Depths Of Victim Shaming

According to the esteemed New York Times columnist and expert on humility, one not only needs to lead a  perfect life but also needs an impeccable pedigree to expect any kind of fair treatment at the hands of police or other authorities. In the case of  Freddie Gray, the most recent victim of police brutality in the news, Brooks puts both Mr. Gray and his mother on trial in his latest column.

Despite all these efforts, there are too many young men leading lives like the one Gray led. He was apparently a kind-hearted, respectful, popular man, but he was not on the path to upward mobility. He won a settlement for lead paint poisoning. According to The Washington Post, his mother was a heroin addict who, in a deposition, said she couldn’t read. In one court filing, it was reported that Gray was four grade levels behind in reading. He was arrested more than a dozen times.


How is this even relevant? Mr. Gray may or may not have been an angel and had an ideal childhood but how does that excuse what happened to him. I wonder if  Mr. Humility come down so hard on Bush II’s youthful alcohol related shenanigans? Did he blame the former First Lady and the President for their parenting skills or the lack thereof?


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  1. I have never thought you needed to be an Eagle Scout to be not guilty of a crime, nor to be innocent-and-not-subject to arrest when stopped and searched. You can even be a crooked smack dealing crack smoker on the one hand, and not carrying dope or illegal weapons when gang tackled and roughly searched, on the other hand. That other hand (not carrying dope or illegal weapons) means there is no grounds for your arrest at that time, even though you are a crook, sometimes. Other times.

    These cops may well have killed Freddy the minute -no the second the cop on the bike jumped him. That’s quite a collision, a big strong cop going 20+ mph, jumping off the bike and hitting Mr. Gray in his back. My neighbor broke his back just stumbling on the stairs up to their bedroom, fortunately with no serious long term effects. But he wore a giant brace for a long time, while things healed. He wasn’t tossed into the back of a van, shackled so as to be unable to brace himself, no seat belt, and raced around town, hitting pot holes, slamming on the brakes, etc, etc.

    This is almost uglier than the shootings, really. The group-think directed at damaging this young guy. If they were used to treating guys like this and winding up with someone bruised and battered, as opposed to nearly dead… Really ugly. No chance it was over reaction.

    That guy in SC was pretty cold blooded, pulling the pistol, aiming and firing over and over. But I really think this group think murder is even uglier, and shows corruption deep in the whole department way more than when an isolated single cop pulls a gun. These guys knew all the other guys had their backs, even as they threw this guy around like a sack of seed corn. I gotta stop now, I’m making myself over stimulated.

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