The Stark Beauty of Early December

Winter is not my favorite season. The short days, the dip in temperatures and most of all the lack of sunlight gets to me. Nature begins its nap in early December not to awaken until the spring thaw comes. As I look out of the window, I see that the oaks and the maples have shed their leaves revealing the stark beauty of the branches underneath. Without the leaves to obstruct the view, I can see the distant mountains that surround me. The grass is still green in patches and there is no snow yet and there are some remnants of withered brown leaves still left on trees.


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  1. Winter, like the desert, has its own beauty. In West Virginia, sometimes, rarely, we get real deep freezes, The Alberta Clipper some call those, the coldest I’ve seen it here at home was over -30 degrees F. There are vents in the eaves of the house, and it was so still that night that ice crystals grew along those vents where inside humidity froze. They were 8 inches long, and waved gently in the cold air. I took a deep breath and blew alongside the house, and 12 feet of those crystals broke off and fell to the ground.

    More often we have sleet and freezing rain, turning to heavy wet snow overnight, with powder on top if the temperatures continue to drop. My home town once got over 30 inches of wet heavy snow, and when it started to rain, the weight of the water in the snow crushed many buildings in town. Where we live now,, 90 miles west, it just rained. We’re also nearly 2000 feet lower where we live now, which makes the difference in weather in the mountains.

    I’ve enjoyed the links you have posted to various Bolllywood clips on Balloon-Juice. Many years ago I attended a Ravi Shankar concert at a small college. I sat on the floor on the dining hall carpet and watched him and his drummer go to town. I don’t know your feelings about western genres of music, but thought last last night as we listened to a Norah Jones album that I would let you know about her.

    Jones is a singer in the jazz style of western music. She is a daughter of Ravi Shankar, although I don’t think you would know it from listening to her. Interesting how sometimes talent appears to be inheritable. But not reliably so. Jones, though, is truly gifted, with creativity and a wonderful voice, so try her out some time.

    Best winter solstice wishes to you and yours!!

    J R in WV

    • I love classic rock from the 70s and the 80s. Queen is one of my favorite bands. I like Pink and am also partial to anything that you can dance to. I do like Nora Jones too, have you heard a duet she did with Ray Charles?
      As for Indian Classical music, I used to think that was my parents’ music and didn’t pay much attention, its only now that I am discovering it on my own terms. I have never heard Ravi Shankar in concert but have had the opportunity to watch Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.
      Happy Winter Solstice to you too and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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