Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr Tiny Cat’s Purrscription

By two_kittehs

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  1. Hi Schroedinger’s cat.

    Yesterday you were asking about Washington DC vs Myrtle Beach, and towards the end of that seemed to settle on April for the date of the trip.

    I want to recommend DC in April. You might hit the cherry blossoms, which are beautiful. Even if you don’t April is one of the best time of year to see the city. There are several museums worth spending the whole day in, starting with the main building of the Smithsonian. The place is littered with world-class museums. Now that security theater has taken over the country/world, I wouldn’t bother with either the Capitol or the White House, although if you can get tickets and don’t mine standing in line and being in a closely guided group they are interesting.

    The Vietnam Memorial is probably the best example of simplicity in design of any construction in the world. We (a co-worker friend, we were both Vietnam era draftees) visited it after a day’s work in mid December, it was getting dark and there was almost no one around anywhere. It was quite a cathartic experience, and I’ve always been grateful to Steve for almost literally dragging me to it. Maybe visit after dinner?

    There is great food in DC, Thai for something good that you can’t get just everywhere, yet. South American, also, I had my first ceveche there! April is before the schools let out, during summer break there are many many families with little kids visiting (I was one).

    Anyway, here’s my two cents.

    TL;DR: Myrtle beach is like Coney Island, a run down carnival with 150 golf courses added. Cheesy. Go to DC. Classy. But expensive!

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