Ready for USS Defiant?

Since I have been sick the past two weeks, I have been remiss in posting reviews. To take my mind off the election results, I was watching the last episode of the Season Six Dominion arc, Sacrifice of Angels and was struck by the parallels between our times and the DS9 universe. It’s the best of all Treks in my opinion. I love the interplay between the various races, the villains who are unapologetically wicked but have human failings and Garak!

Do you have a specific episode you would like me to review. Leave your selection in the comment section. I will do a poll of the first four by Wednesday. Here is the entire episode list for DS9. DS9 is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and CBS.

Until then enjoy the Klingon Kitteh, one of my lols that got more than 1000 votes when it made to the first page on ICHC, a few years ago. Kittehs + Trek = Win Win!


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By two_kittehs

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  1. Travels with Charley

    Oooh, I know! The one where the hologram Vic helps Rom get better after a bad injury. Or the one where Kira realizes she loves odo. Or….well, any will do!

  2. G is more of a fan that I am (though DS9 is my favorite Trek) and his vote is for “Far Beyond the Stars”:

    Topical, but hopefully not too topical.

  3. Two favorites of mine: “Blood Oath”, and “In the hands of the prophets”

  4. My favorite Trek too!
    TNG is too clean — nice, and I want to live there but it’s a little too neat.
    DS9 is rougher and dirtier, and morally more complex.
    Just like our times, yup.

  5. Darkest episode evah of Trek was “In the Pale Moonlight.” Our heroes face a moral dilemma and take a very very low road.

  6. So many choices…

    “A Time To Stand,” “Tears of the Prophets,” or “Once More Into the Breach.”

  7. Popped over here from Balloon Juice. Here’s another vote for “In the Pale Moonlight,” an amazing episode that matches my mood this past week.

    “It’s a faaaaaake!”

  8. Travels with Charley

    Sorry, life intervened & I went away. You are right, Nog, not Rom! I am definitely a Vic fan…I remember watching the actor in those cheesy fidget movies – moon doggie? When I was a kid. Sigh – great times (snark)

  9. Regarding your question at B-J on dehumidifiers, I posted this::

    They are critical in preventing the development of mold attacking the structure of a house. I follow building trends, and in a magazine I once saw a photo feature of a tight New England house that was kept too damp. It was 10 years old, or so, and quite modern, but… They tore it down, and documented everything that had failed due to moisture – virtually everything.

    But, if your moisture levels are already low, the house is properly ventilated, the dryer has a functional exhaust, etc… then your dehumidifier won’t run very much. They only come on when the moisture level passes a preset level.

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