Schroedinger’s cat is a famous thought experiment proposed by Erwin Schroedinger, to illustrate problems in applying quantum mechanics to macroscopic objects. A cat is placed in a box with a radioactive atom whether the cat is dead or alive depends on the act of observation.

In the many worlds interpretation of this experiment the cat is both dead and alive in parallel universes, a theme used in many science fiction plots. I sometimes feel like Schroedinger’s cat  of the many worlds interpretation, since I have inhabited what sometimes feel like different universes. I have lived in the tropics where the seasons run from hot to hotter and hottest, and northern climes where winter  seems to last forever and the summer is way too short.  I  have lived in the heart of a big city teeming with  millions, and in a small town with less than a thousand people. Throughout it all I have been curious about the world around me  and  figuring out how things work and how everything fits in the big picture.

I have researched  stock markets in rapidly developing countries as well as  X-ray emission following beta decay. Right now I am trying to make sense of  crisis that rocked the financial sector like an earthquake, the after shocks of which are still reverberating through the economy. I want  to explore the possibility of using the methods developed to study phase changes,  for example, water to ice, to better understand sudden catastrophic changes.

This  blog is  my take on things,  from politics to  economics to physics,  I plan to cover things that interest me and revisit some issues and projects that I have looked at before.  Last but not the least, there will be cats, since they rule my world and the internet.

  1. Re: cellphones

    I’ve been using Virgin since 2008–first on “pay-as-you-go” on a crappy flip-phone, now on a low-endish Venture phone for $35/mo. That gets me unlimited data/text/Web and something like 200 minutes of talking. They’ve got other plans and better phones; I mostly use the Internet for looking up movie trivia/cast on movie nights at a friend’s house or for quick weather checks. I don’t do a lot of talking, so it all works out. http://virginmobileusa.com/ [you can get phones at RadioShack]

    Hope this helps!

    –Jody/Fort Geek

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