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Concern Trolling Media Concern Trolls

The Beltway media continues its concern trolling about ACA or the  Affordable Care Act, specifically the Federal Health Exchange Website.  Annie Lowrey  in this morning’s New York Times,

Health Site’s Woes Could Dissuade Vital Enrollee: The Young and the Healthy


Yes, because the young cannot fall sick or be in an accident, they don’t need insurance.   Most people, young or old are glad to have access to health insurance for their peace of mind, even if they are currently healthy.   How many of these hypothetical invincibles really exist, who would rather go without insurance instead of enrolling using a phone or try again if their first attempt to enroll online was unsuccessful, I wonder.   I have to yet meet one in real life.

Meanwhile far from the cossetted environs of the Beltway media,  the under insured and the uninsured are happy to have access to affordable health insurance, glitchy website and all.