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Michelada with Rock Salt Rocks

My take on the Mexican cocktail with beer.  Easy and a delicious way to spice up not so hot beer.   For one serving you will need,


1. 8 oz. Beer

2.  4 oz. Coke

3.  1/4 teaspoon rock salt *

4.  1/4 teaspoon soy sauce

5.    1/4 teaspoon Sriracha

6.   1/4 lime preferably key lime

The beer and the Coke should be chilled. Mix all the ingredients, enjoy.  Add ice if you want.

Variations:  I have replaced the Coke with Coke Zero,  if I do that  I also add about a tea spoon of sugar to the mix.  Root beer is not traditional but works as well.  I have tried this drink with Corona, Dos Equis and Sol but any lager should work.

*I usually get my rock salt from the International Grocery store in my neighborhood. It comes in chunks which you will need to grind.  You can go low tech with a mortar and pestle or high tech with a coffee grinder.  Rock salt is great in a spicy lemonade or on chunks of fruit such as pineapple.  This rock salt comes from India and is  of a dark pinkish hue.

ETA:  Now that I think of it Sol worked better than Dos Equis.  Moral of the story, milder the beer the better Michelada will taste.