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Happy Halloween!

By two_kittehs

Happy Halloween! Other Halloween lols here. What is your favorite scary movie? For me it is a tossup between Exorcist and Psycho. Do you dress up your kittehs for Halloween? I am too scared of bosscat to be so impertinent.

Happy Caturday!

Interactive lolcat dikshunary  Now with pop-ups

By two_kittehs

I can has?

Caturday Kitteh is Weary Of Winter

Its snowing yet again this weekend, I can has spring?


By two_kittehs

Happy New Year

The first day of spring and we have fresh snow on the ground, this winter is turning into a long and endless one.   Happy first day of spring, happy new year aka Gudi Padwa and above all happy Caturday.

The Tallest Mountain in Meowssahusetts

By two_kittehs

Not a chance that I am going to be climbing any mountains anytime soon. Do you have any special plans to celebrate the arrival of spring? As for me, I will celebrate spring, when all the the snow has gone, until such a time,  I will be with this kitteh.

Caturday Cat is a Critic

Kitty Purry Was Wrong


By two_kittehs

Do you ever kiss your kittehs? Boss cat’s reaction to smooches is the same as this kitteh’s. His ritual ablutions afterwards easily last half an hour or more.  This lol made it to the first page of ICHC/lolcats last week. Here are my other FP lols.

Caturday Kitteh, Perfect Antidote to Cabin Fever

Warning: Very addictive even in small doses

By two_kittehs

This lol was featured a few weeks ago on ICHC, in a collection of; If I fits, I sits, meme. You will find other lols  in the compilation here .

Caturday Cat Loves Winter

By two_kittehs

Caturday Cat gets it right. 

Caturday Cat is The Boss


By two_kittehs

Caturday Cat is a Climber

Because K2 wuz too easy

Because K2 wuz too easy

By two_kittehs

Boss kitteh is a climber, he likes to climb on the top most shelf/book case in the room and survey his kingdom from above.

Battle Cry or Nap Attack?


By two_kittehs

Boss Cat Yogi has a ferocious!