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Caturday Cat Is Doing Ceiling Cat’s Work

Spreading the Cute and Not The Hate

By two_kittehs

I made a lol after a long time and was pleasantly surprised to see it make the FP. Other FP lols here. My post on DS9 and the first part of the review of Emissary over here.

More Snow Expected This Afternoon

Make it Stop

LoL by: two_kittehs

Another 4 to 5 inches, at least.

Lolympic Kitteh

Palin Cat or Ceiling Cat

Palin Cat or Ceiling Cat

LoL by: two_kittehs (Picture by: SKH)

Are you watching the Winter Olympics? What is your favorite sport?

Shortest Days of the Year

  The days are short and getting shorter, all around me nature is getting ready to take a good long nap till spring.  The grass outside my window is various shades of brown with some patches green, fighting valiantly to stay alive.  Most of the birds are gone and so are the leaves.   The stark beauty of the exposed branches reveal the shape of the tree and the grey mountains beyond.  I don’t mind the cold as long as I can at least have the sun.  That’s what keeps me going in January.   Through the tail end of November and most of December though, all I want to do is hibernate, especially when it is raining.

I can has sunshine?

I Can Has Sunshine

LoL by: two_kittehs