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Are you really that dense or is it all pretense?

As the debt deadline draws near, MoDo pens a content free column, where she once again confuses politics with on-screen fantasies about politics. This time she wants Obama, to be like  the female protagonist of an ABC drama, Scandal.  Yes, that makes a lot of sense, not.

She then goes on to repeat the oft repeated fable of the Beltway media, if only Obama would have schmoozed more with the Republicans we wouldn’t be at the current impasse.   Has she been asleep for the past five years or been living in an alternate universe? She really can’t be that dumb, can she?  In this universe, House Speaker John Boehner has even refused invitations to attend six state dinners.  Besides why should the Republicans need dinner invites to do their job.

For the last time, both sides don’t do it, and the Democrats are not responsible for the current debt ceiling shenanigans.
Are you really that dense or is it all pretense?

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