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Ready for USS Defiant?

Since I have been sick the past two weeks, I have been remiss in posting reviews. To take my mind off the election results, I was watching the last episode of the Season Six Dominion arc, Sacrifice of Angels and was struck by the parallels between our times and the DS9 universe. It’s the best of all Treks in my opinion. I love the interplay between the various races, the villains who are unapologetically wicked but have human failings and Garak!

Do you have a specific episode you would like me to review. Leave your selection in the comment section. I will do a poll of the first four by Wednesday. Here is the entire episode list for DS9. DS9 is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and CBS.

Until then enjoy the Klingon Kitteh, one of my lols that got more than 1000 votes when it made to the first page on ICHC, a few years ago. Kittehs + Trek = Win Win!


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By two_kittehs

Friday Kitteh is Caught Red Pawed

Besides, I Libs in Colorado


By two_kittehs ( Picture by: microbionic)

This lol ended up on the first page of ICHC/lolcats a couple of days ago. Its on pg 3 right now. Other FP lols here.

First, First Page on ICHC Animal Caphsuns

Better Just Keep Doing What You do Best

Better Just Keep Doing What You do Best

LoL by: two_kittehs

I made it to the first page of animal caphsuns on ICHC  on the 4th.  This is my first animal caphsuns first page.  All my other captions chosen for the first pages were either featured on the  lolcats page or ICHC main page.

Update:  Praying Mantis also made it to the first page of ICHC yesterday! I hope his luck holds out against the kitteh.