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Maureen Dowd Goes For the Jugular

Maureen Dowd punctures the trial balloon of  Summers candidacy to head the Fed and rips him to shreds in her column in yesterday’s New York Times.  It is a work of art, the ruthless efficiency with which she goes for the kill, and I must say that no one deserves it better than pompous gasbag, whose alleged brilliance involves getting fired as a University President and being on the wrong side of the economic policy debates of the last decade.  Please Mr. President just say no, better candidates are Yellen for your attention.

She goes for the kill with ruthless efficiency

She Goes For the Kill

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Larry Summers: Do Not Want


Let me add my voice to the growing chorus that thinks that Larry Summers,  is the wrong choice to head the Fed.   We have all heard of Summer’s brilliance, but his judgment leaves much to be desired. That he is a pompous misogynist is the least of his sins. He was the architect of the Obama Administration’s pivot to austerity, even now he is worried about inflation not unemployment. During the Clinton era he was one the prime architects behind the deregulation of the financial sector, he also led the charge against Brooksley Born, who wanted to the regulate derivatives.  Have we learnt nothing? Why do we want this man in charge of the monetary policy?