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Same Column, Different Day

Maureen Dowd has yet another column disparaging the President, this time for not going to Ferguson, MO. This is a third column in a row about the supposed inadequacies of President Obama. According to Dowd, the first African-American president has outsourced race.  Last column it was his playing golf that got MoDo going. She begrudges him his vacation and even his office and constantly echoes the right wing criticism about him. I am sure that had he gone to Ferguson, she would have found fault with that too, and would  blamed him for throwing gasoline on an already volatile situation.

In MoDoverse, every problem can be traced to Obama’s actions or the  lack of thereof,  from the Republican intransigence to ISIS and everything in between.  If only Obama would schmooze with Congressional Republicans, yes the same ones who even refuse invitations to state dinners,  give an electrifying speech on every occasion, we would all live happily ever after.  In this fantasy land a presidential speech would solve the immigration problem and  fix race relations.  Of course, it was not that long ago when Obama’s speeches were characterized as just words.  Her other scintillating advice to the President;  is to be more like President Bartlett of the TV show West Wing.

At this point, MoDo seems to be just phoning it in, with  utterly predictable columns castigating Obama for not doing something that she deems a President ought to do, you know, what Jeb Bartlett would have done. Hey it worked on the West Wing, so why not try it in real life?

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Maureen Dowd Goes For the Jugular

Maureen Dowd punctures the trial balloon of  Summers candidacy to head the Fed and rips him to shreds in her column in yesterday’s New York Times.  It is a work of art, the ruthless efficiency with which she goes for the kill, and I must say that no one deserves it better than pompous gasbag, whose alleged brilliance involves getting fired as a University President and being on the wrong side of the economic policy debates of the last decade.  Please Mr. President just say no, better candidates are Yellen for your attention.

She goes for the kill with ruthless efficiency

She Goes For the Kill

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