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Mohawk Trail IV

On our final day of the mini camping trip before saying bye to the little cabin in the woods we took the Mahican-Mohawk Trail, which runs parallel to the Cold River.  We followed the trail until we hit the forest boundary.   Our time in the picturesque Mohawk woods was drawing to a close.   With a heavy heart we bid adieu to the little cabin in the woods that had been home for two nights.  We were on the road a little after 11am, the only wildlife I had spotted was some frogs and mosquitoes.  On the way back home we stopped at the little Village of Shelburne Falls known for its artists co-ops, bridge of flowers and glacial potholes.  The weather was perfect and there wasn’t a single cloud on the horizon but alas it was time to go home.

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Little cabin in the woods

  Village of Shelburne Falls

Glacial Potholes

Roses on the Bridge of Flowers

On the Mohawk Trail

I didn’t quite attain Purrvana, but came pretty close during my three day camping trip at the Mohawk Trail State Forest in Charlemont, MA.  My only prior experience camping was with a big group,  in a house on a deserted island off the coast of Maine. This was the first time I had to plan all the logistics,  a daunting task for a novice camper who likes the luxuries of civilization and has a tiny car.  Many frantic calls were made to a friend who is a veteran of many camping trips.  Mind you, this was camping for dummies, since we were going to be in a cabin with a proper bed, electricity and some basic furniture.  As is my wont, I packed everything including the kitchen sink, by that I mean my Dutch oven, which I was going to use as a makeshift sink.  I also took my trusty little electric kettle, since I run on tea.  Mr. Schrodinger’s cat  on the other hand is a man of few needs and a limited wardrobe, so his contribution to the luggage was minimal. He also loves doing outdoorsy stuff.  He has climbed both Kalsubai and Mt Katahdin.   My attitude on the other hand is exemplified by the kitteh in the picture below.

After loading up the boot and the backseat of the car and saying a final good bye to kittehs,  Mr. Schroedinger’s cat and I set on a drive to Charlemont but not before a quick stop to the grocery store for some ice, raw materials to make s’mores and gas.

When we finally hit I-91, we were caught in a  massive downpour,  a harbinger of things to come ? (To be continued)

I prefers to watch it on TV instead


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