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Serious question, has Tom Friedman become a venture capitalist or a marketing person for a venture capitalist firm? He is pimping another startup this time, an online consignment shop called Tradesy.   An idea that is neither innovative nor particularly visionary.  Even the name rhymes with Etsy, an online marketplace for goods, handmade and vintage. The person behind the last start-up column was his daughter’s roommate, I wonder how he is related to the woman behind Tradesy.   First unless you have the closet of a Daphne Guinness, you can’t make your living selling last year’s fashions in your closet.  We all know that Guinness doesn’t need a hi-tech garage sale to either make a living or be a fashion plate, for that matter. 

In corporate speak which MoU loves, liquidating your inventory is not a viable source of generating steady income.  It is something you can do may be once a year.  Most of us don’t have enough high priced junk to sell that we can live an entire year off of.

Exasperated Kitteh

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