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Some Thoughts on the 2016 Oscars

So far I have only seen one of the nominees for the Best Picture, was glad to see it get the best picture award.  Spotlight was a brilliant movie, I was riveted from start to finish. Excellent story, I was rooting for Mark Ruffalo to win the best supporting actor Oscar.On my list to see next, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn and Mad Max: Fury Road. Here is the complete list of winners and now for the more important things!

Chris Rock was funnier and more biting than last few Oscar hosts.

Best Dressed Winner : Brie Larson

Best Dressed Presenter: Tina Fey

Best Acceptance Speech : Mark Rylance, the winner of the supporting actor award. British actors give really good speeches don’t they? I wonder what their secret is, elocution competitions in school?

Best Presenter: Sasha Baron Cohen in his Ali G persona. Question: Has he ever interviewed Trump as Ali G?

Best Musical Performance: Lady Gaga, Till it Happens to You. I loved the song, first time that I had ever heard it.

LolCat Acceptance Speech

By two_kittehs

BTW Do you like my outfit?

86th Academy Awards Ceremony Round-Up

Best Dressed Male


LoL by: two_kittehs

Although, this year the only Oscar nominated movie I saw was Gravity, I still watched the somewhat entertaining and overly long award show.  Oscars is pretty much the only award show I watch, mostly for the pretty clothes on the pretty people and to figure out which movies to catch later on DVD.  I will  definitely be on a lookout for Philomena and  American Hustle , not sure whether I have the stomach to see Twelve Years a Slave and the Dallas Buyer’s Club.  Which movies did you see?  Any must see, recommendations?

I may be among the minority that wasn’t a big fan of Ellen’s hosting of the show, it seemed off to me, the selfie and the pizza stunt included.

Best Acceptance Speech : Lupita Nyong’o

Runner-Up:  Darlene Love, former back up singer featured in  the documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom

Weirdest Speech: Matthew McConaughey

Best Dressed Female :  Amy Adams, in a perfectly fitting unfussy navy gown.

Runner-Up: Sandra Bullock,  she was elegant and picture perfect in her navy gown.

Best Dressed Male: Tuxie Kitteh

Runner-Up : Benedict Cumberbatch

Anyone else, stand out for you?