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Caturday Cat thinks He is God



Truth be told, unlike Gaitonde, the mob boss brilliantly played by Nawzuddin Siddiqui in Netflix’s original series, Sacred Games, boss cat thinks he is God. at all times, not just some of the time. So far I have progressed to 5 episodes of Sacred Games.



Atapi Vatapi



I sense a theme of death and immortality going on here. More on the Games, later after I have finished watching the remaining three episodes. Are you watching it?

* Translation: Sometimes I think, I am God.

Happy New Year

Boss Cat wishes You A Happy New Year!

Best Friend

Best Friend

By two_kittehs

The most heartwarming picture from the Syrian refugee saga. This man could not bear to leave his kitteh behind when he set out to make his perilous journey from Syria. The kitten looks so comfy in the sling. I wonder how my boss cat would react if put him in a sling like that. I will let you know if I survive the attempt.

Merry Christmas

Were you a good kitteh this year or were you like these two diabolical purr monsters plotting their next move against their pink monkey? Wishing you joy and happiness today and everyday.


I wonder what surprise they have in store for me? You can leave your guess in the comments if you like.


Battle Cry or Nap Attack?


By two_kittehs

Boss Cat Yogi has a ferocious!

Caturday Kittehs has a Busy


My two kittehs , when they were helping me with writing up solutions for quantum mechanics homework

Literary Cats for Caturday

Tale of  two Kittehs

LoL by: two_kittehs (Picture by: two_kittehs)

Yogi and Inji, five minutes before the hissing starts.